It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up - Vince Lombardi
Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune but great minds rise above them - Washington Irving

Risks and Challenges for Freelancers

It is good to hear “I’m my own boss” but hard to live with it. If you are motivated enough to be your own boss than the first step is to enter in a freelance world. It is a network mainly run by The Internet, emails or through contacts, where million of freelancers hunt for the projects and try to score them and get paid after the completion. Sounds like an easy and useful lifestyle, right? But you have to face some hard facts if you choose to freelance.

A Tough and Risky Decision

Many people think of their homes a place to eat and sleep. A freelancer whether living alone or with family needs a proper space and a quiet environment which is rare in a home. Many people think it is not possible to work from home but it is, and many people who were hardworking and steady are now earning well. In fact, they are earning more better than the people working in offices.

Unstable Income

It is not possible to earn a steady and stable income from freelancer. It all depends on your reputation and how good you communicate with hundred of employees. One should always search for more work even when he or she is working to stabilize their income. But still an average freelancer can earn better than waiting and labor jobs.

Work-Life balance

Yes, you might have a huge list of clients but the price you paid for is the sacrifice of your personal life. Poor Work and personal life balance can lead to unstable incomes and lack of social life. To make balance in work life, one should  keep work  and personal life totally separate.

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