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Are you considering a Transcription Career?

Transcription job has many types but normally organizations want senior management discussions or employees interviews or budget plans written on the word document. Normally, businesses do not have a transcript or and they ofter search Freelance world for these type tasks.

Good Salary

Usually, transcription job is paid per project that is usually around $10 to $500, which is a nice amount no matter where you live.

Easily Available

You will not only notice the quantity of available jobs (transcription projects) but also you have a chance to ask for a test from the client. Qualification doesn't matter as long as you can hear what the speaker is saying and type it on a document.

A Great Skill

Not only transcription job help you financially but also your punctuations, typing speed and grammar automatically enhanced with practice. Also talking with various clients improve your communication skills and a skilled transcription has a high chance of getting a high paying project than a fresh freelancer.

Watch out For Fake Jobs!

It is not a wise idea to start a transcription or any freelance job without a milestone. Milestone is a security payment that is deposited into your account before the start of work. Transcription is normally a 4-5 hour job and one should be careful before submitting the work or somebody will get paid by your hard work. Also, good clients either ask a sample 1-2 minute transcription test or he will create a milestone before the start of a project.


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